Balda AG and Mechatronic AG present joint development

12. Oct. 2015

App-controlled drug dispenser

The Smart Drug Dispenser keeps track of tablets.

Madrid, October 12, 2015 – Patients will soon be able to dose their drugs via their smartphones. The medical technology companies Balda AG and Mechatronic AG present the Smart Drug Dispenser exclusively within the scope of the CPhI Worldwide in Madrid. The combination of app and easy-to-handle drug dispenser helps prevent administration errors and thus unnecessary complaints or hospital stays.

 A signal helping patients: The Smart Drug Dispenser makes an important contribution to the safety of the therapy. The physician or the patient may conveniently enter the number and the time when the medication is to be taken via the app. The device, which is about palm-sized, stores the dosage regimen and dispenses the tablets via the push of a button. The associated smartphone app reminds the user via text alerts and an acoustic signal that the tablet may now be released from the device, until it has been distributed. This prevents under or over dosage. The scientific figures show that this support is dearly needed.

Forgotten, mistaken, lost – over 50 per cent of medication is not taken as prescribed. According to studies, one in four patients does not follow the therapy regimen. Not necessarily on purpose. Surveys show that many people simply forget to take their drugs. Consequences such as extended healing processes, secondary diseases and additional trips to the doctor are not only bothersome for the patients. The costs to the German healthcare systems due to deficient compliance are conservatively estimated to be in excess of 10 billion EUR per year.

Christoph Klaus, Head of the Business Unit Balda Healthcare has recognized the potential of the system: “An ageing population that is also tech-savvy has a need for modern solutions. The Smart Drug Dispenser is an exciting product that provides added value both for patients, physicians, relatives and also health insurers”. Also Thomas Ullmann from Mechatronic AG is pleased with the result of the cooperation of the development service provider and the plastics specialist: “With the Smart Drug Dispenser, we have taken an innovative step in the direction of user-friendly operation whilst offering a high degree of user safety”.

Balda AG and Mechatronic AG will present their joint project between 13 and 15 October within the scope of the CPhI Worldwide in Madrid. Visitors may test the Smart Drug Dispenser at booth 4B80 in hall 4.

Balda AG (ISIN: DE0005215107)is a provider of high-end plastics solutions that rely on quality in sophisticated fields of application in the healthcare, lifestyle, automotive and consumer electronics industry.

Balda operates in Europe and Northern America and has state of the art production sites at the Oeynhausen headquarters in Germany and in the US. The company’s success with its about 800 staff worldwide is based on the use of modern, cost-efficient technologies and the close cooperation with our customers in a spirit of trust.

Mechatronic AG is an international specialist in the development and production of medical devices and the provision of services, software products and test systems in the field of medical technology. Since 1987, the company has been carrying out development and manufacturing work on behalf of its customers, who can rely on its long-standing experience in the industry and extensive expertise regarding processes and methods. Its portfolio ranges from new developments and the redesign of existing products and components to individual service modules.