Mechatronic AG wins DeviceMed Award

18. Nov. 2015

SmartDrugDispenser awarded Best Product

Düsseldorf, 17 November 2015 – First place for the SmartDrugDispenser – for the world’s first electronic portable device for pill dosing, managed with its own app. The DeviceMed specialist jury recognised the innovative combination with the DeviceMed Award for Best Product.

On 17 November, Mechatronic AG received the innovation prize from the specialist magazine DeviceMed at the Compamed in Düsseldorf. Exhibitors at the leading international trade show for medical product development can apply annually for the coveted prize. The application criteria are the level of technical innovation, cost effectiveness, design, usability and service.

The SmartDrugDispenser distinguished itself in all categories. For the first time, the programming and control of the pill dosing device can be done conveniently via a smartphone. Once the patient has saved the number and times of ingestion, an audible signal reminds him or her of it until the pills are removed. The approximately palm-sized dosing device releases the exact quantity of pills appropriate. Afterwards, release is blocked until the next entered deadline; there is no risk of an overdose or an underdose. If it is deemed necessary, a “dose taken” notification can be sent to a medical professional or to family members. This simplifies everyday life and increases security for all concerned.

The SmartDrugDispenser is a collaboration: the app, electronics and software were all developed by Mechatronic AG, whilst Balda Healthcare was responsible for developing the plastic components. Thomas Ullmann from Mechatronic AG accepted the DeviceMed Award on behalf on the entire development team. He stated: “The SmartDrugDispenser is a good example of how a successful cooperation works. Mechatronic AG and Balda have done the preliminary work. The next step is to develop the market-ready final product with a strong partner.”