SmartDrugDispenser wins Medtec Europe's innovation competition

21. Apr. 2016

 Photo: DeviceMed

Stuttgart, 12. April 2016

Further confirmation from the experts: The SmartDrugDispenser has outdone stiff competition.

The world's first app-controlled medication dispenser won the international innovation competition at Medtec Europe in Stuttgart. After a jury had selected the ten best products, the visitors to the trade fair had the opportunity to vote for medical devices from the top ten. One in three gave their vote to the SmartDrugDispenser.

Thomas Ullmann, CEO of Mechatronic, is confident: "The Internet of Things will entail considerable variety in the field of medical technology as well. The SmartDrugDispenser marks the start of a new generation of medical devices. Mechatronic AG will continue to focus on the trends of the Internet of Things and connectivity and place its experiences at the disposal of its customers." In addition to the opportunity of using the computing power of smartphones, inexpensive technical solutions for Internet access also offer considerable potential for medical devices. The next ten years will bring many changes with them.