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The Mechatronic AG is growing constantly.

Needless to say that specialist competence is required. Moreover, we attach great importance to team spirit, discipline and will to success.

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Mechatronic AG, BAYOOMED and Custom Interactions starting cooperation as "Medical Device Experts".

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We believe that medical and technical advancement of analysis and treatment options for people is getting better and better.

Based on this conviction, Mechatronic – “the medical engineers” – stands for technology that is fit for the future and established methods of developing new medical technology devices.

We support our customers throughout the life cycle of their products, offering them advice and technical systems, development and production right through to servicing for their installed devices – all from a single source.

Our 30 years of development expertise, short decision-making channels and open, collaborative approach all ensure that project flows run smoothly and devices easily obtain approval on international markets.


Since 1987, Mechatronic has developed and manufactured medical devices under contracts with clients.

Engineering intelligence in medical technology means to us: listening, understanding and seeing things from the user’s perspective. We develop viable ideas, focusing on what is feasible. Mechatronic’s developments of more than two decades are not always spectacularly new, but simply just better than their predecessors. This is the reason why these medical products successfully established themselves in the market.

We live ideas. It is obvious that a service assigns highest priority to people. Whoever relies on ideas, such as Mechatronic, needs committed and creative employees. After all, the ideas that secure our and our clients’ success originate from the brains of people.
Our external relationships are likewise characterized by mutual trust and reliability. Many of our partnerships last for a long time and testify to the high cooperation quality.

That Mechatronic’s developments have always been able to successfully establish themselves in the market is attributable to the way how development projects are approached. For example, the whole development team that was responsible for developing a new blood donation system donated blood. During the bloodletting, so many ideas were gathered that five substantial innovations were achieved in the end. The new system advanced to a bestseller. Today, many ideas that were implemented in it represent the standard in this field.

The company
1987 Foundation of Mechatronic GmbH by Reiner Witt
1997 Company certification for medical devices
2005 Change of the legal from (GmbH > AG)
2009 Concentration on the medical device industry
2012 Extension of R&D capacities in Darmstadt
2016 Turnover: 9.6 Mio. €
Certified in accordance with
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2012
Chief Executive Officers:
Reiner Witt, Holger Frank

Reiner Witt

Reiner Witt


Holger Frank

Holger Frank


Berthold Breitkopf

Berthold Breitkopf

Director R & D

Mechatronic is your competent partner for the development, implementation and production of medical technology equipment. We would be happy to advise you on your projects.

Karl Wörtche, Head of Sales

Karl Wörtche


Head of Sales

Tel.: +49 6151 5003 – 165

Sina Springer, Sales Managerin

Sina Springer


Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 6151 5003 – 139

Marius Felling, Sales Manager

Marius Felling


Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 6151 5003 – 186


Headquarters Darmstadt

Mechatronic AG
Wittichstrasse 2
64295 Darmstadt

Tel.: 06151 5003 – 0
Fax: 06151 5003 – 170

Location Höhn

Mechatronic AG

56462 Höhn

Tel.: 02661 9515 – 0
Fax: 02661 9515 – 150

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