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Smart Drug Dispenser

The times in which patients counted their tablets one by one and scheduled their intake using handwritten lists will soon be over.

Smart Drug Dispenser

In future, medication will be controlled via smartphone and dispensed by electronic pillboxes. The future is here: Mechatronic AG and Balda Healthcare present the new Smart Drug Dispenser. The plastic components were developed by Balda AG. Mechatronic AG, based in Darmstadt, developed the app as well as the electronics and software used in the device. This combination marks the beginning of a new generation of tablet dispenser. For the first time ever, programming and monitoring will be conveniently handled by an app.

The patient or his/her doctor enters the dosage schedule in the smartphone app to indicate how many tablets should be taken and when. This data is transferred to the Smart Drug Dispenser via bluetooth. At the allotted time, the app reminds the patient to take his/her medication by means of an acoustic signal. The device dispenses the correct dose at the touch of a button.

Smart Drug Dispenser App

A number of technical possibilities ensure a high degree of safety. Once the dose has been taken, the mechanism is automatically blocked. The dispenser is also blocked if the patient exceeds the timeframe for taking the medication. This prevents overdosing. A "dose taken" notification can be sent, if required. This allows the doctor or family members to also monitor that medication is being taken correctly using their mobile devices.

This innovative technology offers many new possibilities. The Smart Drug Dispenser gives peace of mind to all those people who have often forgotten to take their medication – as well as their relatives. It offers a reliable and simple way of planning medication intake times, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing side-effects. It also helps to avoid unnecessary hospitalisation on account of incorrect medication intake. The benefits of the reminder function, for older or forgetful patients in particular, are twofold. They and their families don't need to worry about whether they are taking their medication correctly, and this also means that they are able to live in their own homes for longer – boosting their quality of life considerably.

The Smart Drug Dispenser resulted from a concept study by the companies Balda and Mechatronic AG. The solution is now being used as a platform to develop customer-specific solutions for marketable products.

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