Our Mission
Reiner Witt und Carsten Metzger, Geschäftsführer Mechatronic

We believe in technical progress continually improving human medical care and prevention potentials.

Based on this conviction, we develop and produce medical and diagnostic devices. We monitor authorization processes for international markets and ensure product life cycles.


Medical engineering is virtually based on innovation. Being on a par with the market and developing solutions proactively – this is what drives and guides us here at Mechatronic.

Medical care and diagnostic options can certainly be improved regarding quality and efficiency. Our solutions for high-tech medicine create remarkable benefits for our customers and support therapy progress for many patients. Our engineers focus on products as well as processes. They do not only develop medical and diagnostic devices, they also optimize the corresponding development processes. Currently, we are cooperating with TU Darmstadt and further industrial partners in a BMBF-endorsed project on the future of development processes.

Innovation with added value. Mechatronic: comprehensively future-oriented.


Medical products must be innovative and future-proof in order to succeed in the market. We have developed considerable expertise in this field for more than 30 years.

The key to our success is our development process. In the end, it all comes down to a safe and reliable product. We have used our experience based on numerous projects and constant new challenges to develop an advanced process by combining approved and innovative methods.

It’s the best of both worlds in process engineering: from the classic V-model on the one hand and new agility on the other the “agile V“ has emerged. Our customers have come to appreciate this specific method as superior.

Competence with additional benefits. Mechatronic: holistically process-oriented.


Our success factors: a medium-sized company that has cooperated with TU Darmstadt for many years.

Reiner Witt, Carsten Metzger and the medical engineers are committed to customer requests with real interest in and fresh enthusiasm for every new product. The meaning of “Delivered!” for all of us here at Mechatronic: We keep our promises. With our structures and services as well as the commitment of every single individual, we make sure that project goals in development and production are achieved on schedule. Customer satisfaction is the major benchmark of our actions.

We manage smooth and speedy performance by effectively joining forces with each other: our engineering teams hand in hand with our customers’ teams.

Relations with a guarantee of success. Mechatronic: reliably success-oriented.

How a project runs with the Mechatronic Methodology
What are you looking for?

Within our partner network „Medical Device Experts“, we cover the entire development process of medical devices, including the development of embedded software for medical devices, the development of software for external devices and medical apps, usability testing and interface design, design as well as the production of medical devices.

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sales manager
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head of key account management
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development director