Angelica Islas-Padilla
Life Cycle Engineer at Getinge
“Project success achieved without complications. I would really like to thank the Mechatronic team for their support, especially for their rapid approach to the project. I do appreciate how the Medical Engineers helped us on short notice and without further ado.”
Verena Koßmann
“With the help of Mechatronic, we reached our goal of having our first functioning prototype in our hands. We are grateful for the Mechatronic team applying their own experimental approaches which helped us explore new ways. The finished prototype functions well and efficiently. It is suitable to be used in our next stages. The communication between Mechatronic and us was open and pleasant at all times. We will be back gladly.”
Brian Guthrie
LifeScan Inc.
„We couldn´t have done it with out Mechatronic –
We have been working with Mechatronic for over a decade.
I would rate the work with 5/5 stars for service and competence over the entire period.“
Ventzeslav Iordanov
Miracor Medical
„Our collaboration started about 5 years ago, asking Mechatronic to facilitate the design transfer and organize production of one of our (Miracor Medical SA) medical devices. The device is a software operated electro-mechanical (pneumatic) system with narrow specification ranges. In the time of this cooperation, we successfully managed to create a comprehensive set of processes and environment to achieve quality assurance excellence. The effort has been awarded with the approval and the market introduction of our medical device. Since then, Mechatronic has helped us in sustaining the production, improving and optimizing the devices and all related processes. With an open and transparent communication, and the available knowledge, I consider Mechatronic being an excellent partner in the field of active medical devices manufacturing.“
Sebastian Scherr
LTS Lohmann Therapie Systeme AG
“A reliable partner for many years. From the early stages of the development on, the Mechatronic team has proven their experience, competence, and enthusiasm. Thus, reliable support from requirement analysis to delivery and beyond was ensured.”
Jörg-Michael Körner
Spiegelberg GmbH & Co. KG
„After initial contact at the trade fair and a visit to Mechatronic in Darmstadt, it took a little while before we were able to start the first project. As is well known, “good things take their time” is an old saying. After the first two smaller, competently serviced projects, I am already looking forward to the upcoming larger project with the Mechatronic team.“