Automated Testing for your medical device

More product safety with flexible, modular testing

Thanks to our unique modular platform “GAST – Generic Automatic System Tester”, our test methods and individually built test benches can be quickly and cost-effectively adapted to your frame conditions.

We developed the GAST system to be able to flexibly enter your project exactly where you need us. You benefit from our decades of experience in product development from a wide range of industries.

We also verify your medical device with automated testing – for optimized quality.

Mechatronic Automatisiertes Testen für Ihr Medizinprodukt

Requirement determination

Define test requirements and target

Define test strategy

Optimal configuration of test modules

Testing during development

Synergy between you and us

Medical device verification

Effective testing as basis for your approval

Final validation process

Successful tests for your product’s purpose

Excellent testing

We verify your medical device with many years of expertise

“Time is money”, so wherever possible we set up our test phases to run automatically at night following each development day. This allows work to continue efficiently each subsequent day without unneccessary delay based on new test knowledge.

In addition, all automated tests for your medical device can be carried out in our climatic chamber in extreme climatic environments (even in automated continuous operation). In this way, we ensure that you receive a sage, market-ready and verified medical device in the end.

Mechatronic wir testen automatisiert für Ihr Medizinprodukt

Six possible testing procedures

Adapted to your medical device

Your product is in good hands with us

Automated testing for a successful medical device

Whether hardware or software or both at the same time in one cycle: We design the automated testing of your medical device and its development individually, flexibly and with needs-based test methods.

We accompany you as experienced development partner with your automated testing project. From the beginning of your idea to the fully developed and verified medical device. Our experienced team of experts is ready to take on any challenge.